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Vision boards serve as a visual manifestation of what’s currently pulling me pulling my eye aesthetically, culturally and texturally

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Rather than posting images that get lost in a Pinterest board of ideas somewhere on the web, never really to be seen again, unless I specifically remember them. I am able to surround myself in that which inspires me I can absorb, process it and reassemble it in my brain for new ideas.

Collage from my personal vision journal

I cover everything from bulletin boards, the back of doors, studio walls, and have journals filled with smaller collages.

Collage from my personal vision journal

It’s the process of collecting these images, combing through magazines, seeing what is happening in the zeigt geist of the moment. They help spark ideas for my works of art, pillows, and just helps my brain keep dreaming of what I want life to be.

Collage from my personal vision journal

So, when I found myself at Barnes and Nobles the other day to find their magazine section was no longer, I felt absolutely gutted and at a loss. Craving that therapeutic outlet of brainstorming. I went to my local pharmacy to find the same scenario.. Where have all the magazines gone?

Collage from my personal vision journal

I for one am not ready to let them die. I have added annual subscriptions to all of my favorites now to my Christmas wish-list.

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My love for saris, pillows and sumptuous textiles dates back as long as I can remember, but really took root in my twenties.

Twiggy Photographed by Justin De Villeneuve. UK Vogue, 1973.

Spending those years bouncing between apartments in the west village, east village and upper east side my tiny abodes became my escape from the hustle and bustle. Therefore, I wanted everything to be beautiful and cozy as an antidote to the abrasive and gritty city.

Photo: Cecil Beaton. Inside Lee Radziwill’s legendary London home, fashioned by Renzo Mongiardino.

Channeling Talitha Getty and Lee Radziwill with their classic bohemian flare and piles of pillows.

I would source saris even then and tack them up as my thrifty version of upholstered walls or moveable murals, pile all my pillows, spark my favorite candle and listen to records. It was my version of utopia.

Paul & Talitha Getty pose in the roof terrace of their Marrakech home. Getty Images.

In between internships, grad school and jobs it was my chance to channel the ladies of leisure of days gone by in all their tactile glory. A way to bring the white box rentals to life and make them feel my own.

Laura Ashley. 1980.

My favorite memories are days spent with friends ping ponging between delicious cocktails and art museums or galleries. Taking in all the new or iconic works, filling our heads with ideas and talking about our dreams.

Valentino’s Roman penthouse. Photographed by Horst P. Horst, Vogue, April 1970.

The pillows of Eye of Curiosity are a physical manifestation of those beautiful days and fanciful dreams. All created in extremely limited number series each is a window into another world.

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