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Our Story

We are on a mission to spark curiosity in others by consciously elevating our environment through design, fine art and revitalizing ancient art forms
through a contemporary lens

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." – Albert Einstein


Founded by artist, interior designer and seeker Jordan Greer Rogas. Jordan is a native Texan, a trained Reiki Healer and infuses that lightness of being into all of her work. 


Ultimately, it is her international travel, fascination of other cultures' artistic practices and southern roots that most distinctly shape the eclectic design aesthetic of Eye of Curiosity.


Jordan joins creative forces with her mom, Tammy Franks Rogas, an Interior Designer for more than 30 years. This created a team combining a creative artist with top luxury interior design knowledge and experience. From choosing design elements to structural details the duo combines their wealth of knowledge to create truly small batch couture collections of art, pillows and personal accessories. They work hard to ensure each pillow or artwork acts as the jewelry of your home and the structural integrity to withstand daily life. 


While the home base is on a designated wildlife habitat in Texas, items are sourced from around the world - each has a special and thoughtful journey. 


The first Eye of Curiosity campaign includes original art, batik, shibori and pillows of beautiful handmade saris upcycled to create heritage-quality furnishings.

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