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Rainy Days

Rainy days invite us to pour that extra cup of tea, pull out our favorite pair of socks, and nestle ourselves into a good book. A literal washing away of the hundred million worries and to-do's we constantly have buzzing in our heads.

Rainy days have an air of mysticism, like the fog blurs the layers between the dimensions, allowing for a sense of time travel.

Image via Design Collector

Maybe with the rain the universe is forcing us to look inward. The sound of the rain drops beating on the roof act as natures rhythmic sound therapy and reconnect us with the beating of our own heart.

Image via National Geographic

Rain in movies is always used to bring that heightened sense of romantic drama. When i was younger, I whole heartedly bought into this concept. Rain, I vehemently believed was the bearer of teenage turmoil and breakups.

Now however, next to ocean waves crashing- the sound of rain is one of the most peaceful things I can think of.

~*~ A Composite of Rainy Day Essentials ~*~

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